Our primary objective is to provide the highest level of defensible litigation support solutions to our clients cost-effectively and to give each and every client the time and attention they deserve.

At D1 Discovery Solutions, our Motto is “Whatever It Takes, We Got You Covered”. We judge ourselves by our clients’ satisfaction and to have clients refer our expertise to their peers.


To give you an edge over the competition, our energetic, motivated ownership is dedicated to investing in best people the industry has to offer and leveraging the current eDiscovery Technologies. In an industry where management and security of your client data is of utmost importance; we understand the priority of instant access to critical information is vital to your success. We will work with you side-by-side to provide cost effective defensible best practices solutions that will help you effectively manage your cases, save time and serve your clients.


Our success is built around our consultative approach, experienced staff of project managers and discovery specialists who work tirelessly 24/7 to ensure that we consistently deliver quality solutions to our clients. Our flat organizational structure is designed for speed, flexibility and accuracy, efficiency and encouraging each member of our team to operate with a client and vendor partnership mentality. We share your sense of urgency!



D1 Discovery was formed in 1990 to provide print and document management solutions to the business community in San Francisco Bay Area. With the advancement and changes in technology over the years we transitioned into the digitizing of paper records to electronic documents and manual document coding.

With over two decades of growth successful experience we began supporting the Electronic Data Discovery (EDD or eDiscovery) needs of our clients ten years ago due to the high volume of electronically stored information (ESI) created by businesses daily and the demand from our clients.

Our team at D1 team has real-world experience in litigation and document management support that assures you, we will meet your needs, with the expertise, strategy, services and consultative solutions that will position you for the most successful budgeted outcome.


D1 Discovery utilizes Best-Of-Breed technology on all tiers. We are not tied to any one particular platform which allow our customers to take
advantage of cutting edge technology as they come available and based on their budget.


I have had the honor and privilege of working with D1 Discovery and Paul Wright, Director of e-Discovery for many years. Paul is a consummate professional who has an extensive background in e-discovery. D1 Discovery is extremely adept at working with legal professionals and appropriately advising them about the best practices concerning the collection and production of electronically stored information (“ESI”). Specifically, I have worked with D1 Discovery on a number of complex litigation matters involving significant ESI. In every instance, they have created a “value added” by helping lawyers – using the latest e-discovery technology – determine the best methods regarding the preservation of relevant ESI, the review of it, and final production of responsive, non-privileged ESI to opposing counsel. They are also extremely effective working with counsel to identify the key “hot” documents in the defense and prosecution of their clients’ claims. I strongly recommend D1 Discovery for any matter involving complex ESI issues.



Digital One has been my vendor for over 10 years.  They have provided litigation support for our firm when we needed their expertise involving forensic collections, ESI processing, web hosting and both paper and electronic productions.  Their consultative approach in conjunction with working closely with our litigation team, has made them an easy choice for us.  Digital One has always shown us their dedication to getting the job done right when we were faced with tight deadlines.   Their team members know what they are doing when it comes to the eDiscovery support law firms require, and they provide great service at a reasonable cost.  I would highly recommend to my colleagues that they give Digital One a try.

Bruce F.

I have been working with Digital One for over 10 years.  When it comes to my document processing and e-Discovery needs, Digital One is my go-to vendor .  The company’s motto “Whatever it takes” is really true!  Digital One stands by what they say and gets the job done.  Gil Cuesta and his team members are very knowledgeable in the litigation support needs of law firms and provide excellent customer service.  I would highly recommend Digital One!

Laurie D.

Digital One is best and my go to vendor for everything in eDiscovery or paper solutions. They are my go eDiscovery vendor and advise the firm with our data collections, web hosting and productions. I highly recommend them if you are seeking a hands on vendor with great expertise in all the areas litigation support.

Alexandra B.

These guys have great customer service. They really want to please you as the client. We’ve used them for a lot of voluminous e-discovery related matters and have always been satisfied. I love that they personally come over to solve a problem if need be. On short notice. And answer their cell phones without fail. If you need a bunch of scanning/OCR done and are looking for a new vendor, you might want to give them a try. I’ve been impressed enough to waste 2 mins of my life writing this to recommend them, if that means anything.

Matthew R.

I do a lot of legal work in San Francisco, and Digital One Legal Solutions has WITHOUT FAIL worked with me on some incredibly difficult deadlines over the last 3 years. I’ve never seen them fail at any task I’ve assigned to them. PERIOD. I had to call them for help again this evening, and without hesitation, they are on it. They are by far the best legal solutions company I have ever worked with. I wish they had an LA office. This city needs Digital One! Thanks, guys!


By far the best legal document company that we have used. You ask for things overnight, and you get them overnight, in perfect order, whether digital or on paper. In several matters so far, they haven’t made one mistake.

Mark P.

The impeccable Digital One team came to my rescue by seamlessly stepping in on the eve of a large Federal Trial. Their team provided flawless service throughout the trial, often working round the clock to deliver massive sets of blowbacks or volume upon volume of trial binders to the courthouse early before the trial days began. Our team’s requirements for the trial were usually many, and quite often I was too busy to contact Digital One to place a work order until late at night. Regardless of my timing, there they were, early the next morning, adeptly fulfilling each requirement. The peace of mind that springs from this sort of excellent litigation support is invaluable. I cannot recommend Digital One highly enough.




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